A Healthy Immune System Helps To Fight Cancer Naturally


1. Take a brisk walk every day to oxygenate your body.

2. Check your pH levels. You can buy litmus paper from the chemist to do this. Your body needs to be a high percentage alkaline.

3. Keep your bowels moving; this will play an important role in your overall health. Stools should be approx. 20mm in diameter, light brown in colour, good consistency (not dry, not wet), two to three bowel movements each day, without odour.

4. Exercise is essential to get the lymph moving and/or a massage on a regular basis creates regular lymph movement.

5. Get some fresh air, try to walk in a park regularly and breathe deeply using relaxation exercises, e.g. tai chi, etc.

6. Take time out to rest, enabling your body to regenerate and recuperate.

7. Limit your watching TV as it has a tendency to give you a bad ion balance.

8. Take time out to listen to your favourite relaxation music.

9. Find a job that you enjoy and where you are appreciated.

10. Nourish your body with some liquid gold in the form of vegetable juice.

Preferably use a cold press or slow juicer that preserves all the enzymes.

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