Pictures of Skin Cancer and other important information

Skin cancer is a devastating illness that affects approximately 68,000 people per year in the United States alone, meaning it is exceptionally important to understand the warning signs of this carcinoma so as to catch the cancer as quickly as possible, and pictures of skin cancer online can provide a valuable reference to anyone who is concerned. Online research is not, however, a substitute for consulting a medical professional, and if there is any concern this should be done immediately.

There are three main types of skin cancer – basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma and malignant melanoma. Each type presents different properties on the skin, and pictures of skin cancer detailing the look of each can be found on many medical websites online. Malignant melanoma is by far the most serious of all the skin cancers, and accounts for approximately 75% of all skin cancer deaths in the United States.

pictures of skin cancerSkin cancer is caused due to a variety of reasons, but the most common reason is over exposure of the skin to UV rays, which harm the cells on the skin. Sunburn should be avoided and lotion should be applied whenever out in the sun for long periods of time, especially to those who are prone to burning – those with fair or ginger hair and a very white complexion. Smoking cigarettes, pipes and cigars can also double the risk of skin cancer – it is already widely known that smoking is extremely dangerous and any doctor would tell a patient to quit as soon as possible. There are also many other less common causes, such as wounds that don’t heal and exposure to arsenic, however the first two detailed in this article are by far the most regularly reported.

One excellent way to check for signs of skin cancer is to regularly check any moles that are present on the body. Any growth or change of color should be treated as serious and medical advice should be sought. Any weeping, bleeding or crusting moles should also be investigated further. By keeping a good checking routine in place, it is highly likely that any changes will be caught early and therefore enhance a person’s chances of survival. On an important side note, some melanomas are pink and do not change color – these should have particular attention paid to them, and any changes in size or shape are the best warning signs.

A malignant melanoma.

Skin cancer is a highly dangerous and serious form of cancer, and one that everybody should take personal responsibility for preventing. Pictures of squamous cell carcinoma or skin cancer can provide a fantastic resource for those wishing to know more, and will provide a good reference for anyone with future health worries. As long as every member of society is aware of the signs and is vigilant in checking for them, the rates of skin cancer survival can be significantly increased, and a collectively healthier population will be created.

A Healthy Immune System Helps To Fight Cancer Naturally


1. Take a brisk walk every day to oxygenate your body.

2. Check your pH levels. You can buy litmus paper from the chemist to do this. Your body needs to be a high percentage alkaline.

3. Keep your bowels moving; this will play an important role in your overall health. Stools should be approx. 20mm in diameter, light brown in colour, good consistency (not dry, not wet), two to three bowel movements each day, without odour.

4. Exercise is essential to get the lymph moving and/or a massage on a regular basis creates regular lymph movement.

5. Get some fresh air, try to walk in a park regularly and breathe deeply using relaxation exercises, e.g. tai chi, etc.

6. Take time out to rest, enabling your body to regenerate and recuperate.

7. Limit your watching TV as it has a tendency to give you a bad ion balance.

8. Take time out to listen to your favourite relaxation music.

9. Find a job that you enjoy and where you are appreciated.

10. Nourish your body with some liquid gold in the form of vegetable juice.

Preferably use a cold press or slow juicer that preserves all the enzymes.

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Finding The Best Hand Cream

There are all sorts of hand creams on the market. You’ll find plenty of choices on the shelves of your local drug store. How can you discern which brands are really the best? How can you tell which ingredients are better? How about making your own and foregoing the store altogether. Have you ever thought about giving up creams altogether just to avoid the hassle of having to make a choice? The fact is picking a hand cream shouldn’t be a big production. The next time you go shopping take these tips with you.

Wait it out, it can take some time for a cream to work. If you want to know for sure if the cream is right, use if for some time before giving up on it. Don’t change creams for several days to give the product time to work as you use it regularly. If you discover the cream is irritating your skin stop using it right away. Beyond that, however, you need to give your skin some time to get used to the new product. Be prepared for your hands to feel a little oily or greasy, especially as you work to figure out exactly how much you need to put on at a time.

Sometimes the brand you choose can make a big difference. When you want to choose a hand cream, it is easy to buy into all of the hype that different brands use on labels. If you do have a preference for a particular brand, check how old that particular company is. When you find a hand cream that has been around for decades, this is a good sign. Cetaphil is one of these brands. Their skin care products have been proven to work very well over the past few decades. While the newest product might be great, it is better to wait until a brand has been tested by consumers before you buy into all of the promises offered on its packaging. The overall ingrediants that you find in the hand creams are safem, but you need to examine them just like you would do when buying a related product.

Don’t get caught up in the advertising hype of some of those highly marketed products. Before you buy any cream take a look at what other users might be saying about it. You’ll find interesting customer ratings on sites like who gives star ratings that are completely customer based. On sites like Amazon you are able to read the positive and negative customer reviews-and yes, there will be some negatives even on a highly rated lotion like the Neutrogena Body Lotion, Sesame Formula.

As you can see there are a lot of considerations to consider when choosing hand creams. Do your research, learn about ingredients, read the reviews and discuss with your doctor. These things are much more important than advertising or packaging. So always go for a hand cream that goes hand in hand with your knowledge, and make sure you apply the same mindset when buying other products.